We are passionate about Architecture, Design, and Collaboration. We believe in the inseparable connection between nature and architecture turning our work into an experiential journey where light, space, and landscape play a primary role in the conception of each of our projects.

Our main focus is the design of residential private homes and hospitality projects for home owners and developers in the UAE, UK and Germany. In recent years, our practice has expanded to include the design of projects such as hotel and residential towers, palaces and private villas.

Our team is a dynamic and committed group of Architects and Interior designers have a passion for design and the creativity. We are constantly looking for new innovative ways to provide our clients with a memorable experience while reaching new levels of excellence in our final deliverables.

Sensitive to the peculiarities of each site we are constantly searching for new, innovative ways to integrate the interior of the building with the exterior and landscaping in order to create a great ambience for the end users and their guests. Our everyday research focuses on timeless designs and best building practices to bring into our projects.

Interior Design

We pride ourselves in being one of the top architectural and interior design companies in the UAE. We strive to maintain the highest level by providing excellent customer service with the aim of exceeding your expectations. Our exclusively designed collections include Modern (luxury / minimalistic / contemporary / fusion), European classic, New Classic, Traditional, Islamic Art, Moroccan, Andalusian, Mediterranean and Spanish styles to bring you lots of choices and meet your personal taste. 

What makes us different from other designers is that we include architectural details to consider the ambiance and comfort of the space that works best for the end user. Working closely together with the client, we create an organic feel of the interior design blended with architecture. We analyze all aspects of the space and bring the best of it to create a timeless design using the latest technologies and best choice of finishing materials.

We understand the Art and Science behind designing a functional space that is most suitable to our client’s needs, preferences and personality. We are committed to delivering exceptional services to make our clients feel amazed with our sophisticated interior concepts. We’ve been able to achieve and maintain the highest level in the architecture and design industry.

Exterior Design

An exterior design created with attention to the tiniest detail is fundamental to enhance the external beauty of a house. This is why we are devoted to enhance the exterior of your property with elegance and exclusive design. We are committed to creating an unforgettable experience by entering the property, and at first glance. We create not just design but exciting experience. An elegant property needs to have harmony from inside out; this means both the interior and exterior design should complement each other. We understand this crucial design principle, and it is the bedrock behind our successful exterior design projects.

Take a look at our exterior design portfolio to get a clearer picture of what we mean.

Landscape and Pool Design

A great landscape and swimming pool design should meet your needs in a manner that not only includes your budget, but also includes plants selection and other design elements that work in concurrence. We believe that the style of your landscape should reflect your personality and life style. Before starting the landscape and pool design process, Palazzo Elite Design professionals will have a brief discussion with the client to gather information of his vision and to determine your prioritized needs and wants.

Regular communication with service providers, suppliers and consultants during the design process ensures that projects are completed on time and within the budget. After completion of the project, we ensure that it is developed according to the agreed plan in the level the client is fully satisfied with the results.

We design and also coordinate all aspects of your project from concept design to the final completion stage. Efficient customer service, supervision on site, adherence to budget and schedules, regular exchange of information with the client are the main elements of our service. We make sure that every step of the project is covered, making sure that the client, contractors and all other parties involved are well informed of every detail of the project.

We have in place management systems and processes which include:

• Detailed project solutions and planning

• Rigorous health & safety processes

• Professionally developed drawings 

• Effective communication among all parties involved

Following this step our professional team will design a 3D concept and a functional landscape plan and create a space that is unique and specific to your needs and overall effect you want to achieve. We take the following into consideration during the design stage: 1) Information about the site and the purpose of use 2) Safety concerns of every family member; 3) Maintenance requirements; 4) Shape of the spaces and how they convey to each other; 5) Selection of plants that will fit the landscape.


Furnishing and Space Planning

We provide 3D visualization for each furniture before we commence production examples being sofa, dining table, high-end coffee tables with a modern chrome or brass console. We have something for everyone.

We make a statement with our furniture designs. Our furniture manufacturing partners in Italy, Turkey and UAE customize our designs with the exact dimensions and specifications, hand crafted with high quality materials and made specially for your dream home.

The furniture layout and design plays a vital role to make your home look unique, luxurious, and most of all, comfortable. We are a team of highly motivated and passionate interior designers providing with the best furniture layout that works for you and your family. Besides, our custom made furniture designs intended to give your home a greater ambience with the attention to detail. 

Lightning Design

Lighting is everything when it comes to interior design. A good lighting plan depends on the characteristics of the light source and how we distribute it in the space. Make a bold statement by bringing your own creative vision to life. We create the custom lighting feature you may need in order to put a unique, signature touch on your space. Additionally, we have an extensive range of architectural lighting ideas to secure a cohesive looking space to accent your decorative finishes.

We have been primarily focusing on Hotels, Private Villas, Palaces. We have carried out the works on Exterior lighting, Landscape Lighting, Custom fixture design and Lighting Controls.

A good lighting design concept can transform, accentuate and enhance the shapes and colors of the exterior architecture and interior design. Without the right lighting design, you may lose all the substance of what is created.

Home Cinema

Want a real movie theater experience in your home? We can create a dedicated private cinema in which the environment is precisely designed and engineered to provide maximum movie and music enjoyment. The room is isolated from outside noise with special acoustic treatments and audio is optimized with measured speaker placement.

Cozy up on plush theater seating positioned specifically for the ultimate viewing experience of your big screen. A lighting control system is also set up so when you press a single button, the lights dim and the show begins. Press pause and lights dim up so you can get more popcorn and soda.

  • Home Theater
  • Home Media
  • Lighting Control
  • Motorized Window Treatments
  • Excellent Acoustics
  • High Performance Audio