Landscape and Pool Design

A great landscape and swimming pool design should meet your needs in a manner that not only includes your budget, but also includes plants selection and other design elements that work in concurrence. We believe that the style of your landscape should reflect your personality and life style. Before starting the landscape and pool design process, Palazzo Elite Design professionals will have a brief discussion with the client to gather information of his vision and to determine your prioritized needs and wants.

Regular communication with service providers, suppliers and consultants during the design process ensures that projects are completed on time and within the budget. After completion of the project, we ensure that it is developed according to the agreed plan in the level the client is fully satisfied with the results.

We design and also coordinate all aspects of your project from concept design to the final completion stage. Efficient customer service, supervision on site, adherence to budget and schedules, regular exchange of information with the client are the main elements of our service. We make sure that every step of the project is covered, making sure that the client, contractors and all other parties involved are well informed of every detail of the project.

We have in place management systems and processes which include:

• Detailed project solutions and planning

• Rigorous health & safety processes

• Professionally developed drawings 

• Effective communication among all parties involved

Following this step our professional team will design a 3D concept and a functional landscape plan and create a space that is unique and specific to your needs and overall effect you want to achieve. We take the following into consideration during the design stage: 1) Information about the site and the purpose of use 2) Safety concerns of every family member; 3) Maintenance requirements; 4) Shape of the spaces and how they convey to each other; 5) Selection of plants that will fit the landscape.